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So, first of all, wish you all the best and Congratulations on your new venture!! So, the next step is to move on to the packers & moversí company in Magarpatta, wherein they provide you with hassle-free and stress-free services at your doorstep. Yes, when it comes to shifting, the most important factor you need to consider is how they help you in relocation, the services offered and the team that works for you and lots more. Hence, have a deep understanding of how it works and choose the appropriate company and go ahead with the packers & movers in Magarpatta Pune.

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Its always better to choose the Local packers & movers for your shifting services. Magarpatta, located in Hadapsar area in the City of Pune. This place has a lot of facilities and said to be considered a residential area. Apart from that, the reason behind choosing the local packers & movers is that the company will be nearby wherein you can visit and discuss with them in detail. Once you visit, you will know about their history, their existence in the industry and lots more. And the team in the company also will visit your place to understand your requirement and plan accordingly further. The services will be more professional, secured and safer one too.


Once you have chosen the local and most professional packers & movers, you should know how they will help in the relocation process. Once you know, it will be easier to coordinate with them and go ahead with the right one. Since the company is of complete verified professionals, and work on best rates and charges for your shifting, you can expect a relocation process in a very smoother way.

  1. Once the company receives the enquiry from you regarding your requirement, they will analyse it and will design a plan according to it.
  2. Post analyzing the requirement, they will look into the type of goods, a number of the goods that are there. Based on which, the type of the packing materials such as carton box, bubble wraps will be decided.
  3. After this, they also help in labelling your goods for better clarity and understanding.
  4. Post labelling your goods, they help you choose the type of vehicle that helps in the relocation process. Based on the type, you can know how to pack the goods and load it in the vehicle.
  5. Starting from packing the goods, assembling it and loading the goods as well as unloading the goods in your desired location all will be taken care of by the company.
  6. Before shifting process starts, they also let you know about the charges that get involved, what all services included and what's your role etc. Even the time factor all will be discussed.

Added to it, the packers & movers if chosen as a complete package, will help in the relocation process.


The reason behind choosing Satyam packers & movers is based on the number of years we are in the industry, how we started initially and how we grew etc. Since we are more than 10 years now, we focus on client requirements, needs, understand it and provide the services at a very cheaper and better rate. Our main motto of the company is quality services as well as client satisfaction. For that, we work as a team and deliver on-time services at your doorstep and can enjoy stress-free, hassle-free services.

We, at Magarpatta, provide various services and give you many insights and ideas for your shifting to be done in a very efficient way. Our services are:

  1. Office relocation services are provided when you are shifting your complete office space from the current location to another. This requires a lot of efforts since office furniture, equipment and lots more to be shifted in a very smarter, efficient way.
  2. House relocation services can be both domestic as well as International. Based on your enquiry, the team works on it and provide you with the quotation. Post which, its discussed and understood, services are provided. The team understands your goods type, volume and weightage of the goods based on which cost factor gets determined.
  3. If you are looking for space wherein your goods need to be stored for some time, then you can go with Warehousing storage services. Yes, the particular space will be provided wherein you can store the goods and keep them in a safer and secured way.
  4. If you have pets like a dog or cat and you are worried about it while shifting, then donít lose hope, you can choose pet relocation services. IN this, a dedicated caretaker is assigned for the complete relocation and it is shifted to the desired location in a very safer way.
  5. International relocation services are the ones wherein prior detailed planning is required. Since, the charge factors, the place, the mode of transport and lots need to be analyzed. So, you can opt for the one wherein you can discuss it and go ahead.

Packers And Movers In Magarpatta: FAQ

Q.How to know if a packer mover company is licensed, insured company?

Ans.You can visit the company directly, see the office space and have a detailed discussion. Post which you can ask for the company documents to check about the number of years they are in the industry and check on their documents too.

Q.Is there any difference in the charges if packers & movers booked during weekends?

Ans.Yes, since weekends are busy and roads will be occupied, the charges get different.

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