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Affordable rates, top-notch service, and a stress-free move from start to finish.


    24/7 SUPPORT

    Our dedicated 24/7 support team is here to assist you throughout your move, anytime, day or night.

    What Makes Satyam Packers and Movers the Best Choice for You?

    When you opt for Satyam Packers and Movers, you’re making a choice supported by unmatched expertise, outstanding service, and a dedication to your happiness. With our extensive experience, proficient team members, and customer-centric approach, we remove the burden from your relocation and ensure it’s smooth, dependable, and pleasant. Your valuable belongings will be handled with utmost care and delivered to your new destination efficiently and precisely. By choosing Satyam Packers and Movers, you gain peace of mind and a trustworthy partner for a seamless and successful move.

    Our Services

    Here at Satyam Packers and Movers Pune, we are dedicated to delivering top-notch relocation services that you can trust. We take great pride in providing our valued customers with reliable, efficient, and hassle-free moving solutions. Choose Satyam Packers and Movers Pune for a moving experience you can rely on and trust. Let us take care of your relocation needs, and we’ll make sure it’s a journey you’ll remember for all the right reasons.

    We are experts in Heavy Machinery Shifting for industrial and commercial clients, ensuring safe and efficient relocation with skilled professionals and advanced equipment.

    we provide exceptional Home Shifting services, ensuring a stress-free and reliable relocation experience for all your treasured possessions.

    We provide customized Office Relocation services to meet your business’s specific needs, ensuring a smooth and efficient transition to your new office space with minimal downtime and disruptions.

    We take pride in offering seamless and dependable International Cargo Services, ensuring your goods are transported securely and promptly across borders.

    We offer secure and comprehensive Warehousing and Storage Services for your belongings and goods, available for short or long-term periods.

    We offer efficient and reliable Transportation Services, guaranteeing the safe and timely delivery of your goods to their intended destination.


    • Client Happiness: Ensuring customer satisfaction and happiness throughout the moving process.

    • Professional Team: A team of skilled and experienced professionals to handle all aspects of your move.

    • Safe and Damage-Free Handling: Taking great care to handle your belongings safely, ensuring they remain free from damage during relocation.

    • 24/7 Support: A dedicated support team available round-the-clock to assist with any queries or concerns.

    • World Class Packing: Providing top-notch packing services to protect your belongings during transit.

    • Intercity & International Service: Offering reliable and efficient moving services for both local and international relocations.

    • On-Time Delivery: Commitment to punctuality, ensuring your belongings reach their destination as planned.

    • National Presence: With a presence across the country, offering comprehensive moving services for your convenience.

    Packers And Movers Cost In Pune

    Packers and movers charges generally depend on the moving distance and moving items. If you are moving within a short distance and have only a few items or 1 BHK then moving charges will be approx. Rs. 3,000-9,000/-. Intercity moving and interstate moving will cost you more. For exact estimation of the charges you can call us anytime. You can also check local moving rates in Pune below.

    Approx Charges of Local Shifting in Pune

    Moving TypeLabor ChargesPacking ChargesTransportation ChargesTotal Cost (Approx)
    1 BHK HouseRs 800 – 1,000Rs 800 – 1,000Rs 800 – 1,000Rs 3000 – 6,000
    2 BHK HouseRs 1000 – 1,500Rs 1000 – 1,500Rs 2000 – 5,000Rs 4000 – 8,000
    3 BHK HouseRs 1500 – 2,000Rs 1500 – 2,000Rs 2500 – 8,000Rs 5000 – 10,000
    4/5 BHK HouseRs 1500 – 2,000Rs 1500 – 2,000Rs 3,000 – 9,000Rs 6000 – 12,000


    Ocean Freight

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    Prateek Choudhary

    Excellent customer service provided by Satyam Movers and Packers team. They responded promptly, were punctual, and efficiently accomplished the work. The team of four members worked diligently, almost like robots, and completed the packing and loading of all items in just 8 hours. I received my parcel in good condition with everything intact. I strongly recommend their services.

    Jaibir Guliya

    I would definitely recommend Satyam Packers and Movers Nigdi to my friends and family. Their packing services are excellent with the guys being very supportive, friendly and efficient. They were very careful with the goods and ensured that nothing was misplaced or damaged. I've been using them for over a year now and as always, they are great! Can't say enough good things about this company.

    Ankit Karwasara

    I recently moved my office with Satyam Packers and Movers, and I am very happy with their services. The team was very professional, and they packed everything with high-quality materials. They were also very efficient and completed the move in a timely manner. The delivery was also made on time, and everything was in perfect condition. I would highly recommend Satyam Packers and Movers to anyone who needs to move their office.

    Our Clients


    Movers and packers in Pune offer flexible rates based on factors such as distance, volume, and required services. For personalized pricing and service details, feel free to contact us at +91 9050347321.

    Choosing the best packers and movers in Pune requires careful consideration. Start by researching their reputation, reading reviews, and assessing their experience. Ensure they offer the services you need, whether it’s packing, transportation, or storage, and inquire about insurance coverage. Seeking recommendations from friends or family can also help you make an informed decision. With these steps, you can find a reliable moving company that meets your requirements in Pune. We, Satyam Packers and Movers Pune are distinguished for our dependable services and favorable reviews

    When negotiating with packers and movers in Pune, emphasize your specific requirements, compare quotes from multiple companies, and inquire about any available discounts or special offers. For professional and flexible services, consider reaching out to Satyam Packers and Movers Pune at +91 9050347321

    The pricing structure for packers and movers in Pune is commonly determined by various factors, including the volume of belongings, the distance of the relocation, and any extra services needed. To ensure transparency in pricing and trustworthy services, it’s advisable to reach out to Satyam Packers and Movers Pune. Our commitment to clear communication and reliability makes us a preferred choice for many seeking a seamless moving experience in Pune.

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